Inked: Clever, Odd and Outrageous Tattoos

Seamus Mullarkey Inked Cover

Exploring the netherworld of quirky tattoos, this book is a witty look at tattoos that go just a bit too far.

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Passion and fads may fadeā€”but tattoos are forever. This quirky collection assembles an exceptional array of body art. From tributes to faded romance and hip catchphrases, tattoos can easily become a reminder of juvenile rashness. What seemed kinky and bold in the heat of the moment, can easily become pitiful mistakes the morning after. This comical book shows just how the tint can become tainted, and the spur of the moment, a whim to regret. The message: spend longer considering and less time regretting. A t-shirt you can change, a tattoo on your torso (or other, unmentionable locations) not so easy!