Famous Faces

Translated into 4 languages, this book has generated widespread interest. In it, Seamus explores the overlap between our obsessions towards pets and our fascination with celebrities.

Seamus Mullarkey Famous Faces Intro

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Who doesn’t think their pet has potential? Whether an overly eager hamster or a dozy little dachshund, we’re sure they’ve got what it takes. Each greedy growl or lazy leap has to be true genius. When you think about it, isn’t it similar for celebrities? They’re mostly who we want them to be, and just a hint of who they actually are. They can’t be so smart, so talented… Deep down, we know superstars are not overly special. And, are most of them that good-looking? Why are we smitten with both critters and public figures? Could it be their constant presence? Gradually, we start to like them, and—before we realize it, we’re already in love! Let’s face it, their zany antics perk up our lives more than we’d ever admit.

Neither A-listers nor pets have to be likeable for us to care. Truth is, we love them when they’re good, but we adore them when they’re bad. Leading man or Labrador, they follow the call of the wild. A priceless rug in tatters: tanked-up politician or a horde of frisky gerbils? Either way, our response is much the same. We tut for a micro-second, even frown in mock alarm. Yet, we don’t mind. Or, at least not very much… We’re secretly glad someone had a good time—with no holds barred!