Writer — Editor — Translator

I’m an accomplished editor and writer with 20 years experience. With such an extensive and varied record, tight turnarounds and hair-raising space constraints don’t faze me in the least. Throughout my career, my focus has been on crafting pieces that are timely, quirky and a little offbeat.

My experience is wide-ranging and diverse: I’ve written on how we interact with celebrities and pets in similar ways, researched books on historic jewelry and green tea connoisseurship. My portfolio includes online features and magazine special sections and well as cover blurbs and catalog copy. Along the way, I’ve written a wide assortment of advice columns, newsletters and company brochures. I specialize in wit and originality, so whether you’ve got a project that’s way out there, or something mainstream that could just use a healthy dose of humor and slice of something different, give me a call…

My experience includes:
–Essays and book introductions
–Copywriting for brand voices that need to be smart, savvy, and a little bit distinctive
–Service and how-to pieces that make complex topics accessible and entertaining
–Project editing for books of all lengths and topics
–Advice columns, newsletters and blogs
–Editorial overhaul and fine tuning of annual reports, research papers, and marketing presentations.

View a number of samples on my portfolio page.

In addition, I speak fluent German, Spanish and French. If you need research in those languages or translations into English, contact me for more details.